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Our Services

Leadership coach engaging in one-to-one, individual coaching.

Individual leadership coaching

Leaders need someone on their side, who will provide them with challenge, support and a sounding board. All of the CatalystHE team are trained and accredited coaches and use a range of techniques and models to support our clients in their personal and professional development.


We can also provide psychometric and 360 degree assessments.

Leadership coach engaging in team coaching.

Leadership team coaching and development

We work with leadership teams to improve the performance and culture within their area and help to set the standard for the wider organisation. We offer support in developing teams, skills and in understanding and improving team dynamics through bespoke workshops, team and individual coaching.

Leadership interlinked circles, with leadership at the centre with linked circles of people skills, ethics, innovation and change, diversity of thinking, equality and diversity.

Thought leadership

The team at CatalystHE contribute to the development of thinking in coaching, leadership and higher education, through publication, blogging and conferences. This both informs and enriches what we can do with you and your teams, as well as providing the opportunity for creative thinking on issues that you are facing.


See our Thought Leadership page for recent insights and thinking.

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