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Coaching culturally different members of international business teams-role of cultural intelligence

This article aims to provide insights into the vital role of cultural sensitivity when coaching international teams. The objectives of the article are to: i) share research findings on international team-member perspectives of Team Coaching (TC) ii) demonstrate the value to team coaches of greater awareness of cultural difference and working with cultural sensitivity during International Team Coaching (ITC); iii) suggest areas for further consideration by team coaches who wish to develop greater cultural sensitivity. The findings reported here are based on the perspectives of 22 participants, who are senior leaders, working as members of international teams, for a single global business consultancy. The participants are based in Czechia, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Singapore, South Africa and the United States, so provide a wide geographic scope for the research. The study shares their varied perspectives on coaching, working in teams and how to approach cultural difference.

This is a pre-publication version of the following article: [Couch, S. and Rose, S. (2020) Coaching culturally different members of international business teams - the role of cultural intelligence. International Coaching Psychology Review, 15 (1). pp. 59-80. ISSN 1750-2764 Available at]

Couch & Rose 2020 ICPR Final Text and Appendices
Download PDF • 598KB

Couch & Rose 2020 ICPR Final Tables
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